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Frill life in Hungary

Frill life in Hungary

The majority of the national small animal breeders association of Hungary (MGKSZ) are pigeon breeders, and Hungary internationaly known as a ”pigeon land”. Than, it is a bit strange, that  meantime many of the beautiful  hungarian pigeon breeds spread over the whole  world,  there is no frill among  them.
Furthermore, it is also a fact, that Hungarians are seldom guests in the European frill events. This however does not means, that there is no frill life in Hungary.  Yes, we do breed frill breeds as well, and I'd like to inform you in the next coming few lines about the most important and in some aspects  unusual news from Hungary.

The Hungarian frill breeders are gathered in breed special club (Sirályka fajtaklub) same like as in everywhere in the other countries. But, unlike in most of the foreign frill klubs, where  middlelong beaked frill breeds giving the main part of the  national  frillstock, in Hungary these  middle lond beaked breeds are almost unknown. The most important frill group is the modern oriental, and  only a few loft contains african-, turbiteen-, or  german shieldmarked frills(owls).

There are about 30 member in our special club.  We suffered painfull losts at the last years. Somebody has had to give up his hobby, others died  unespectly, but it gives hope, that every year new members fill up the empty places.  An additional  positiv occurence is that unlike in other countries, more young breeders  bands themselfs with the frill breed, and the older part of the membership fullheartly helps them to  make this enthusiasm longlastig.

The two most important annual event in our club life is the young frill show, and the national club show.
Traditionaly the young frill show use to be arranged  at firs part of september.  Our young frill show is not a real, official show. I would  rather describe  as friendly meeting hosted by one  of our member in his  family house. In 2011 our „zuchwart” Mr. András Zelenyánszky and his wife were so kind to invite  the whole company at 17th of september  to Békéscsaba, into their home, which is an internation pilgrimplace for many, and not only frill pigeon breeders. We do not make busines from it, than  there is no entry fee at out youngfrill show, and no official judgement use to take place. We put our youngsters  in the prepared  showcages, and speak them out one by one. First by our special judge, and than again by members in pairs, since this meeting is not about a competition, but  an orientation, and notless is a boerse, where  everybody  trying to  catch the most promisefull squab.
60 cages were waiting for the  young frills, that 15 of the club members filled up fully. Mr Zelenyánszky has active, friendly connection with more than one German frill breeders, and he showed up how the best orientals and afrikans should looks like.  There is great appetite for the yellow blondinettes (not in the kitchen!) , and O Stein , and L Köteles  both  showed promisefull offsprings from their original German, and Austrian parents. For me is an important note, that L. Szalmási showed up a regular black, white barred satinette.
Than and there the best selected young frills were:

  • Satinette:  blue laced V. Derzsenyi
  • Satinette:   brown lace  O.Stein
  • Blondinette: yellow lace O. Stein
  • G. Shield: blue bar J. Szürszabó
  • Turbiteen: A. Zelenyánszky.

I was not there in Békéscsaba, but everybody made me shure, that I have to regret  to missing that day , and already the lunch self was worth the jurney.

The great part of the club members living around the centre of the country, and it is safe to say, that the town Cegléd is the capital of the Hungarian frill breeds.  The annual National Frill Club Show often arranged here, but  every second years we try to move this event  in order to joint major exhibitions or to show the real quality of the frill breeds to the far living communities too.  With this praxis trying we to raise the interrest about the frill breeds and find new members to the club.

So, at 19-20th November 2011 we took our show to Harkány wich  town is one of the most southern situated place, equaly closed  to both the Serbian and to the Croatian border.   The local Sport Hall is very suitable for pigeon show, nice, new,  one storey arranged  cages been promised, and since the hungarians are very cost sensitive, we managed to make the exhibitionin  „only one way, only one night” style.
It was enough to start from home for everybody at early morning of Saturday, and the three fullfilled car caravan arrived safety at 10 o’clock. The local club shows judgement been finished  already at Friday, and the King Club been in the middle of their american style „showjudgement”, when we put our frills into the cages, and set ut our very new club badges quickly, and we started the official valuation.   Three brand new,  jung judge apparents (V. Derzsenyi, Dr J Pinter, and R. Zsadányi) were helping the  delegated senior judges (J Szürszabó and I. Cservenyák) by the entered 114 pcs (record!) shortbeaked frills. The evaluation vent into the evening, than we occupyed   the reserved accomodations, where  we made a diaporama with the pictures we made in the EMC show at Aschersleben.  I was tyred and went home to sleep, but my tireles collegues spent the half night with composing the catalogue of the show.
The main resoults of Harkany:
In the plain head section Robert Zsadányi won everything. He had the ” best in show” brown african hen,  and since he had the six best self breed entered frill within one breed, this year He got the big „Laszlo Batta price” as well.
Best is show oriental frills belonged to:
Otto Stein:            blondinette black            0-1
Dr. Jozsef Pinter:   blondinette blue bar         1-0
Otto Stein:            satinette blue lace           0-1
Viktor Derzsenyi:   satinette black                1-0

The two days  exhibition, had positive echo, and we all agree that one storey cage arrangement is a need in every serious exhibition.

There are big pet fairs at Monor six time per year organized by our national association (MGKSZ), and the Hungarian Frill Club has a meeting point at every  such sundays.  At 11th of  March 2012  we came together  to  elect a new board.
The former leaders filled up their mandat, and as every three years we should elect or reelect  a new leadership. During this process vivid argument occured ,” Whether is a good idea to give the positions into young , somewhat unexperienced, (but educated, and wellskilled  in modern  needs) persons hands, or it is not?, but finaly the majority of the  members elected the most possible young board for the nextcoming period!

Chairman:             Istvan Cservenyák          (reelected)
Secretary:             Viktor Derzsenyi             (new elected)
Treasurer:             Robert Zsadányi             (new elected)
Breed supervisor:   Andras Zelenyanszky      (reelected)

Images from Békéscsaba

Pigeons on the wall, pigeons on the columns. It is easy to find
out  that pigeons are in the heart of the owners too.

Young, and still young Hungarian  frill breeders with their womens

Note the row of the importance! The pigeons enjoy the shadow, and the breeders sitting on the sun!  :) A. Zelenyánszky talks to his belivers.....

…. how a nice blondinette should looks like. Hoops, it has an German band!

May be a little less, but Hungarian! :)
 Images from Harkány
Youngs and happies: V. Derzsenyi, I. Cservenyak, Dr J.Pintér

New flags,  new  hope (R. Zsadanyi), old master (J. Szűrszabó).
Find and unusual thing on this picture!

The new club band of the HFC with the chosen logo in the centre.

My favorite from the champions. (Otto Stein's hen)

This blondinette was entered as „Almond”, what surely is not. It is very hard to classify this unusual coloration. My best gues is an over stencilled, very poor colored rec. yellow lace.

You can find much more pictures , and  our contacts on our home  page:

That is how we Hungarians are. Hope that You find interresting this report, and we meet personaly even more often.

Photo and text: Árpád Cséplő